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Tart London TART Plate - Blue

Tart London TART Plate - Blue

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Just at the base of the Tramuntana mountains, surrounded by antient olive trees and vibrant lemon and orange groves, sits Lucys family farmhouse. On the outskirts of their local village is a family run ceramic studio, who supply charmingly rustic, hand-thrown terracotta pottery to the local markets.

When Lucy and Jemima first started Tart London, about 10 years ago, they would ship back serving platters and bowls for their catering jobs which were always admired. It felt only natural to carry this through to the restaurant and events when we opened Wild by Tart.

From here we continued to use our signature multi-coloured bowls, dip bowls and platters as well as designed our own ‘Tart’ and “Wild’ plates and bowls which have ended up being our most popular of all ceramics.

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26cm wide