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Studio Pottery X Wild by Tart Bowl

Tart London
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A bowl, made by hand, is at the centre of human living from prehistory to the present day. A humble object speaking of shared food and friendship, of life and celebration. 

Lucy Attwood has been collecting tableware for many years. With the creation of Studio Pottery London, the opportunity has emerged for her to design a contemporary minimalist bowl with a subtle glaze finish recalling ancient Chinese pots as well as resonating with urban modernity. 

Each porcelain bowl, thrown and glazed by hand, is unique with its own distinctive character, but match in size and finish to work beautifully together in groups. The bowls are perfect for a wide variety of culinary use, from formal dinner parties and weddings, to relaxed family suppers and friendly gatherings.   

Community is at the heart of what we do and Studio Pottery London is delighted to have collaborated with Wild by Tart, Jago Poynter & Michel Francois to produce this unique design.

The bowls made from Glacier porcelain clay, were thrown by Jago, a London potter to Lucy’s design, and glazed and fired by Michel, renowned Moonjar maker, in his gas kiln. The glaze, formulated by Michel Francois, ten years in the making, sets out to achieve a timeless white glaze inspired by Chinese Sui Dynasty pottery and the Japanese Arita porcelain tradition. By starving the gas kiln of oxygen in a reduction firing, the flame draws out oxygen from the glaze and clay to attain the exquisite pale translucence of surface flecked with random spots of iron oxide from the kiln atmosphere. This process ensures that each piece is unique.

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